1. Snooki Was In Full Make-Up In The Delivery Room

Snooki Was In Full Make-Up In The Delivery Room

She was decked out in blush, lipstick & mascara, but opted to skip the high heels.


CONAN: You had a baby.
>> Thank you.
Conan: 6 months old now.
Baby Lorenzo.
I like that name.
That's a great name.
>> Yeah, exactly.
And I'm Spanish and he's Italian so I feel like it can go both ways.
Conan: that's a terrific name.
And you also had the baby on television.
>> I did.
Conan: now, I saw photographs and you look beautiful but you're very glammed up.
>> I look like a whale.
Conan: no, you look beautiful.
>> I was very blown up and I knew I was going to feel uncomfortable and gross so I just wanted to try and look pretty.
Makeup and the big eye lashes and I tried to actually give birth in heels but my feet couldn't fit in had them because I was so like bloated.
Conan: but if your feet --
>> She wanted to spread her legs with Stilettos on.
Conan: who was that for?
>> My son.
Conan: who benefits from that?
You want your son to come out and see heels?
>> I wanted him to know that his mother is fabulous.
Conan: yeah.
He knows. He didn't need heels for that.
>> I wanted the heels.
Conan: I know.
I was there.
I was there.
No, I was there for the birth of my two children.
>> Did you watch it?
Conan: I was the doctor, he pulled me in, he made me get involved in bringing my children in the world and I've been sterile ever since.
>> I wouldn't let giani look.
>> You never go below the curtains.
>> No.
>> You can be scarred for life.
Conan: now, jwoww, let me ask you.
You have not had children yet.
Is this an experience -- I mean, hearing about all this and seeing this, is this birth control for you in any way?
>> I got a chastity belt.
I lived with her during her pregnancy and I lived with her prior to the pregnancy but I think she's about 10 times worse during.
No offense.
Love you.
>> No.
Conan: no offense.
>> It scared me.
Conan: but you turned into a monster when you were pregnant.
But no offense.
>> I was a little bit.
Conan: so this makes you think you want to hold off on having children.
>> A couple of years.
Plus I don't want to give up my body.
I worked hard for it.
Conan: yes, let's talk about your body.
>> You get it back.
Conan: jwoww, you're famous for your abs.
I think we have a photograph here, fantastic abs.
Look at that.
That's just a casual paparazzi shot, I think.
>> I was just strolling the beach.
Conan: you didn't even know you were headed to your tax accountant.
Just on your way.
Then, what the heck?
No pictures, please!
I'm just curious, the abs, is that something you're very proud of, right?
You've been working very hard on your abs?
It's something you take pride in.
>> Yeah.
>> You should be proud of your boobs.
>> I paid for those.
>> She's got big boobs.
Conan: thanks for telling me that she has big boobs.
Thanks for the headline, snooki.
Check out jwoww's rack.
What the hell kind of show is this?
They look beautiful, though.
>> Thank you.
>> They're very, very Niles.
Conan: I do believe they're getting bigger as I interview you.
>> DO YOU want to feel them?
Conan: do they grow with the tide?
Maybe it's the moon.
I don't know how it works.
>> Big boobies.
Conan: yeah.
How DO YOU feel right now?
>> I feel pretty good.
I'm not on big ang's level but I'm getting there.
Conan: OK, all right.
And, jwoww, you have a blog where you give fashion advice, beauty advice, sex advice.
What kind of sex advice DO YOU give, jwoww?
>> I think I'm pretty good even though me and Roger don't have sex anymore.
Just like every other relationship.
I feel like I can give good advice.
Conan: what DO YOU mean you don't have sex anymore?
What's going on?
>> DO YOU have sex with your wife now that you've been --
Conan: what DO YOU mean?
>> Married for a few years?
>> After a few years I feel like, you know --
Conan: those days are behind you.
>> Yeah.
A little bit.
Thank you.
Conan: andy, you're starting to cry.
A single tear.
ANDY: there's a constant flow of tears nowadays.
Conan: the trick is to spice it up.
>> Toys.
>> Did you put on a costume for valuen's -- Valentine's day?
Conan: I dressed as the singer rudy valley.
My wife loves that.
Ladies love it.
Sometimes I dress as Woodrow Wilson.
>> You should do tarzan.
Conan: no.
I like to do 19th century political figures.
That drives her crazy.
And she dresses up as appliances.
Toaster ovens.
It's crazy in our bedroom.
>> That's weird.
Conan: it's madness.