1. Alternate Star Wars Episode VII Titles REVEALED

Alternate Star Wars Episode VII Titles REVEALED

J.J. Abrams isn't sure "The Ancient Fear" is the right name for his new "Star Wars" flick, so he's got a bevy of second choices at the ready.


CONAN: People are very excited about the upcoming new "Star Wars"
movie directed by J.J. Abrams.
This week it was reported that the title for the movie is going
to be ""Star Wars" episode 7, the ancient fear."
We found out that the ancient fear name is not definite.
The producers are still considering several other possible
Including episode 7, he gets his groove back, now 100% Lucas
Episode 7, 12 years a droid.
Episode 7, return of the expensive collectable action figure.
Episode 7, the hangover part 4.
Episode 7, product placement on planet doritos.
And finally, two in the pink, one in the Jar Jar Binks.