1. Steven Yeun's Super-Dorky Past

Steven Yeun's Super-Dorky Past

Steve was one People's sexiest people, but they clearly didn't have access to this fanny pack pic.

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  • Transcript:

    CONAN: The ladies, you're extraordinarily beautiful, you're very sexy --
    [Cheers and Applause]
    CONAN: Yes.
    Some of that was for me.
    CONAN: But the men have been getting some attention for being sexy.
    You have been in "People's" sexiest guy issue, right?
    CONAN: I really want to talk to Steven about this photo that I saw that really --
    [Cheers and Applause]
    STEVEN YEUN: No, no, no.
    CONAN: No, no, no.
    What are you doing there?
    Are you adjusting your own head?
    STEVEN YEUN: This is not accurate.
    This sexy thing is not, it doesn't make sense.
    It's weird -- it's a weird situation to be asked to be in that thing because that's not me.
    I have actually something that shows everyone who I really am.
    This is the core of who I am.
    I even brought a picture.
    That's me.
    [Cheers and Applause]
    STEVEN YEUN: Look at the glasses.
    Look at the crown.
    Look at the wind breaker.
    STEVEN YEUN: The fanny pack.
    The jeans start here.
    CONAN: Are you wearing a fanny pack?
    STEVEN YEUN: Oh, yeah!
    Oh, yeah!
    Why wouldn't I be wearing a fanny pack?
    And then the hands, it's this, these guys.
    CONAN: Yeah.
    CONAN: Where are you in that photo?
    STEVEN YEUN: I'm at medieval times.
    CONAN: That's all you had to say.
    That's all you had to say to get out of the sexiest issue, I was at medieval times.
    You didn't need anything else.