1. Tatiana Maslany's Disturbing German Fairy Tales

Tatiana Maslany's Disturbing German Fairy Tales

CONAN Highlight: Young Tatiana grew up reading Struwwelpeter, a collection of cautionary tales for naughty German children.


CONAN: Did you enjoy scary stories as a kid?
My kids don't like them at all.
Some kids love it.
Where were you in the spectrum?
TATIANA MASLANY: It was just enforced on me.
I was brought up German.
I am German and I was raised as such.
CONAN: You were raised in Germany?
TATIANA MASLANY: My mom's German and my dad's like half German.
TATIANA MASLANY: There was this book that I grew up on which is called --
It's cautionary tales for children in which they all die.
 CONAN: This is what your parents were reading to you.
TATIANA MASLANY: They were like good night, sweetie, remember the girl who played with matches was burned alive.
CONAN: That's insanity.
TATIANA MASLANY: The parents told them not to.
So this little -- I don't know pixie man runs by with garden sheers and there's blood.
And he's like ah.
CONAN: And the parents are like --
TATIANA MASLANY: The parents aren't even in it.
It's just the child and the person who cuts their thumb off.
And the parents are like --
CONAN: The parents are at the Volkswagen factory.
CONAN: It does seem sort of appropriate, like there are European countries where you find the stories for kids are so brutal.
CONAN: We found -- it's called Struwwelpeter
CONAN: That's a real illustration from the book.
CONAN: And then this is the girl --
TATIANA MASLANY: The next image is great because she's just ashes and the cats are crying over her ashes.
CONAN: Are the cats, they're upset that she's on fire or cheering it on?
The cats look like they're in burning man.
TATIANA MASLANY: They're in burning girl.
CONAN: They would read that to you and then night, night, honey.
TATIANA MASLANY: Everything creeks in my room too.