1. Terrible Kentucky Derby Horse Names Vol. 2

Terrible Kentucky Derby Horse Names Vol. 2

If you're riding a racehorse called "Retweeted By Mark McGrath," you'll never win the Triple Crown.


CONAN: Good horse races have good names like orb or golden sword.
I was watching the slower, less exciting horses.
I nosed their names are just not as inspiring.
We took a look at some of these horses yesterday but it turns out there are even more of them not being mentioned.
And I thought we would make them feel worse.
For example, there's this horse, underwhelmo.
There's this one, mostly water weight Wendy.
This is a really bad name.
Retweeted by mark McGrath.
There's this one, captain collapse the horse like dog thing.
This one the third episode from the second season of --
There's random squirts in every direction.
Look at that horse.
He knows he's got a bad name.
It's true.
There's listening to the Smiths alone.
There's Nancy grace's recently removed bra.
And finally, there's, you call that a penis?
Now, that's not a good horse name.
Not a good horse name.