1. The Haden Triplets "Single Girl" 02/27/14

The Haden Triplets "Single Girl" 02/27/14

The Haden Triplets are joined by Ry Cooder to perform a track from their self-titled album.


CONAN: Please welcome along with special guest Ry Cooder, The Haden Triplets!
>> Single girl, single girl, oh, going just fine  Married girl, married girl, any time  Single girl, single girl,  Married girl, married girl,  Rock the cradle and cry  Oh, rock the cradle and cry  Single girl, single girl, go just where they please  Go where they please  Married girl, married girl  Baby on her knee, oh, baby on her knee  Single girl, single girl, going dressed fine  Oh, going dressed fine  Married, girl, married girl, wear just any kind  Oh, wear just any kind  [APPLAUSE]
CONAN: Thank you so much.
That's fantastic.
Hi, how you doing?
The Haden Triplets.