1. Tom Felton Gets Mistaken For Aaron Paul

Tom Felton Gets Mistaken For Aaron Paul

Once Tom thought he was talking to a Harry Potter fan, until they asked him to shout "Yeah, bitch!"


CONAN: I realized this today.
You bear a very strong resemblance to a person who comes on the show quite often, Aaron Paul.
I don't know if you have gotten this before.
Put this up.
You two -- I was thinking about it today, it really is pretty dead on.
Do you get this when you go out in the world?
TOM FELTON: Quite scary, that picture has not been doctored at all?
CONAN: No, no, we don't have the money to do that, no.
TOM FELTON: I have people say it a couple of times.
There was a Christmas party this year where a rather merry gentleman threw his arms around me and went on to tell me how much of a fan of my work he was and how his daughters grown up over the last couple of years with my work.
Finally, after 20 minutes, he called me Jesse, by that point, I was too deep to sort of correct the guy.
CONAN: You have to go with it.
TOM FELTON: I have to go with it.
I was throwing out yo bitches and --
TOM FELTON: I really cashed in off Aaron.
CONAN: You started out doing commercials, is that correct, when you were quite young?
CONAN: How young?
TOM FELTON: My first was 7 or 8.
It was in the states.
We did a little tour of America which was definitely an eye opener for me.
CONAN: Where did you shoot it in the states?
Where was the commercial shot?
TOM FELTON: We were all over, Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, my trip to New York City where they closed off a little section of times square which was very exciting.
CONAN: They shot there in times square?
TOM FELTON: They put the railings up.
There were people, I can recall there were people waiting and taking pictures and shouting very loudly, which I was just waving and appreciating the notoriety.
Come to find out, they thought I was Macaulay Culkin.
It was after "home alone lost in New York."
CONAN: It sounds like your whole life --
TOM FELTON:Now that I think about it, it is a trend.