1. Why Would You Tweet That: Cumberbatch, Kardashian, Buscemi & More

Why Would You Tweet That: Cumberbatch, Kardashian, Buscemi & More

These celebs should've taken a moment to reflect before clicking Tweet.

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  • Transcript:

    CONAN: For example, Bill Clinton just tweeted this -- three scandals for Obama and not one involving sex?
    That's true.
    Really did tweet it.
    Donald Trump tweeted this, still looking good after all of these years.
    Thanks spaghetti fork and single, 40-foot strand of air.
    Very honest in his tweet.
    ANDY: Has to be time consuming.
    CONAN: You're fired!
    Barbara Walters just tweeted this, now that I'm retiring I will have plenty of time for my real passion, Russian pornography.
    689 who knew ANDY: Who knew?
    CONAN: That's just wrong.
    Barack Obama tweeted this -- OK, can everybody go back to putting their energy into hating Matt Lauer, #AnnCurry.
    #never forget.
    That's a good strategy.
    Steve Buscemi tweeted this, just won another staring contest at the zoo's reptile house.
    Great guy, wonderful actor.
    Why do we do it?
    Check this out.
    Benedict cumberbatch.
    Ladies love him!
    Tweeted this, shout out and thanks to my old acting coach --
    That's his acting coach.
    ANDY: His acting coach has got a dumb name.
    CONAN: Yeah.
    Thanks joke explainer.
    Jay-Z and Beyonce's daughter blue ivy tweeted, if the new kids' name is Mary, I'm going to be pissed.
    Khloe Kardashian sent a Vine video, that are popular now.
    Let's see what it says.
    There's nothing I love like a brisk walk in the woods.
    Let's check out the video and see what's going on.
    Apparently a mistake.
    Finally, Nicolas Cage tweeted, confused by the review of my new movie.
    Can someone tell me if 3 1/2 diarrheas is good or bad?
    Probably good.
    ANDY: I think it would be good.
    Yeah, yeah.