1. What Conan's Watching: My Cat From Hell, Fargo Edition

What Conan's Watching: My Cat From Hell, Fargo Edition

Conan finds out the secrets behind his favorite TV shows, thanks to his all-knowing INFO button.


CONAN: “what am I watching?"
Oh, sorry.

ANDY: What the hell happened?

CONAN: I just froze.

ANDY: What year is it?

CONAN: I thought I was in the future.
All right.
These are info button whatevers.

ANDY: Now, that's commitment!
Whatever, here we go.

CONAN: These are very interesting.
There is a show called south beach tow.
I wanted to know about it so it said Florida's version of
downton abbey.
Then I looked at, I saw entertainment tonight was on and I was
I pushed the button and it says two lifelike cyborgs are
programmed to think everything Hollywood does is fantastic.

Then I checked out "60 minutes" and the info button said, the
amount of time it takes these hosts to pee.


ANDY: Oh, dear.
Come on.
Oh, dear.
Oh, lord.

CONAN: "my cat from hell." that's a show people watch.
I pressed the info button and it said “A show that assumes
there are cats from someplace other than hell."
Now we're going get some angry mail
ANDY: We sure are 
CONAN: "Fargo."
That new TV show.
I was watching that.
"each episode Billy Bob Thornton's bangs are spread apart and a
prize is revealed.
ANDY: It's true, too.

CONAN: Then I checked out "diners, drive-ins, and dives."
I pushed the info button the “Guy Fieri plays an
out of work party clown who is addicted to lard.
" oh, my god.
How is that guy still alive?
Looked like he was eating a sweet roll made out of ham.

CONAN: I think he was.
If he hasn't.
He will now.
"agents of shield."
Pushed the info about them.
It says dull on screen characters mention exciting off screen
super heroes.

ANDY: I like mentioning.
CONAN: I was watching "dancing with the stars".
Then I pushed the button and it says professional dancers
kindly but firmly escort fading stars out of the limelight.
Oh, boy.
I’ll be on that show in two years.
"minute to win it."
Pushed the button and it said, I never watched it but from what
I can gather contestants have one minute to win it.
Oh, this' guy!
Those girls are twirling the cholesterol plaque they found in
his arteries.
Then this show, "19 kids and counting."
The button said it's like hoarders but instead of dead cats
it's live babies.