1. Conan's Wikipedia Dallas Song

Conan's Wikipedia Dallas Song

Conan wrote a catchy tune that celebrates his favorite city, Dallas, and lays waste to the hell that is Houston. #ConanDallas [This Content Also Available In CONAN360°]

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When I found out we were going 
to be doing a week of shows in 
Dallas I got excited and then I 
realized I didn't know very much 
about this city, so I decided to 
teach myself all about Dallas by 
writing a song.
But if I'm going to sing a song 
in Texas, I need to look the 
part, I believe.
I think that's important.
Here we go.
M Country music M 
Conan: I wanted this song to 
contain all the most important 
information about Dallas and 
100% accurate.
That's why I wrote this song 
using M yee-ha!
Conan: Here's what Wikipedia 
says about Dallas.
Dallas is the ninth largest city 
in the uSA and the department of 
agricultural places Dallas in 
plant Hardiness zone 8A.
Dallas zoo and population is 
M Wikipeda
They have the subtropical 
climate similar to that of Spain 
and incorporate in 18 and gets 
36 inches of rain and total 385 
square miles and it's toping on 
is flat and Dallas is ranked in 
14th for the organization for 
economic development what do you 
think of that? 
M Wikipedia M 
It's the fifth largest media 
market in the 50 united states 
and it lies with the nuisance of 
interstate 20, 30 and 45 and if 
you like art museums don't be a 
fool, well partner it's got the 
national museum of funeral 
history which houses the 
original Pope mobile.
Way to go, Dallas.
Conan: No.
Andy that museum's in Houston.
Andy: Sorry, Dallas.
Conan: Andy, you should have 
done in Wikipedia research.
Houston's total area is 650 
square miles.
All of it is comprised of 
burning garbage piles.
Conan: The smog is eightth worst 
in the U.S. and home to every 
serial killer that's alive 
Known for pollutants and the 
favorite U.S. City of Vladimir 
I don't mean to be callous if 
you drive near Houston just keep 
going until you hit Dallas.
M Wikipedia M 
Conan: Yee-ha!