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The Contest

We're on the hunt for the web's most lonely video clips. Nominate a video you created that has less than 100 views. Team Coco will select one winning video and add a “Celebrity Boost”. We'll post the newfangled video to the Team Coco YouTube channel – BOOM! Instant viral smash hit. Or not. Either way, we'll have fun trying - and you get a chance at winning Conan O'Brien's very own Moto X phone.


If your video is selected to receive a Celebrity Video Boost, you could win Conan O'Brien's very own Moto X. [ Complete Contest Rules ]

Inside Conan's Moto X:
  • CONAN Ringtones & Wallpaper
  • Conan's Calendar & Bookmarks
  • Photo Album of Conan Selfies
  • And more!