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CALLING ALL TWEETERS: Announcing The Official “Tweak Coco’s Tweet Bio Contest”!

Conan’s been on Twitter for almost a year now... And what a year it's been: From interviewing a squirrel in his backyard, to announcing the The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour, to introducing “CONAN” to TBS and the world, to just generally bothering @JustinBieber in a creepy yet persistent way - Twitter and Conan go together like Winter and Snowmen! (Or Snowpeople, if you want to be all politically correct and non rhyme-y about it).

Anyway, in honor of Conan's 1-year Twitter anniversary, we're going to have a little contest: The "Tweak Coco's Tweet Bio" Contest!  Put more simply: Conan is putting his Twitter bio IN YOUR HANDS: We're asking you guys to write an all new bio for Coco's Twitter account!!   THE WINNING BIO WILL THEN BE ON CONAN'S TWITTER ACCOUNT AND SEEN BY MILLIONS!!  Yes way!  In addition to having their bio emblazoned on Conan’s Twitter, the winner will also receive a limited edition print of the “Conan Pale Whale” Twitter painting by Twitter Fail Whale artist Yiying Lu (which you can see on our 404 Page right here) signed by Yiying AND Conan!  Minds: Prepare to be blown.

Here’s how to enter:
1. Follow @TeamCoco on Twitter
2. Tweet your hilarious, clever, original bio and include the hashtag #COBio

The last chance the get in your Twitter entries is Thursday February 24th, at 3pm EST/12pm PST.  After that point, 3 finalists will be chosen (by us) based on creativity, originality, and overall awesomeness. Yes, I said OVERALL AWESOMENESS. (And please remember that if you have protected tweets, we can't see em! Just an FYI).

THEN, we're going to put the three finalists up to be voted on by YOU in an official poll on! BAM! Talk about power to the people! The finalists' poll closes at 11:59PM EST on February 28... At which point a winner will be born, and Conan will have a BRAND SPANKING NEW TWITTER BIO THAT WILL BE SEEN BY MILLIONS AND WRITTEN BY ONE OF HIS AWESOME FANS. (That's YOU, by the way. PS - you smell really good today. Are you using a new shampoo?)

And the contest starts... Wait for it, wait for iiiiit.... RIGHT NOW! Get your fingers typing, your brains thinking, those toes tapping, and your tweeters tweeting!  No, I don't know what a "tweeter" is. It just sort of came out. Sorry about that.

Remember, you have until Thursday to show us what you've got... So make it good!  Leave any questions or concerns in the comments below (do NOT leave tweet bio suggestions in the comments; they will not be considered, sorry sorry).  And if you'd like to check out all the official rules and regulations, you can do that right here.

Thanks, and good luck to all!!

OK - here's the deal. We love our international fans. Like, "love" as in "want to have babies with you" love. If it were up to us, you would be able to participate in all of our contests. Unfortunately, this little planet of ours is positively INFESTED WITH HORRIBLE POLITICIANS AND LAWYERS! Together, these dreadful humans dream up all kinds of laws and statutes and taxes and blahblahblah that make it IMPOSSIBLE for non-US residents to legally enter our contests. We find this as heartbreakingly annoying as you do, but we are mere slingers of dumb comedy, without the powers to effect global legal change. So to answer your questions, our darling foreign lovemuffins, no, you cannot enter this contest. Same goes for the next contest. And the one after that. Sorry. :(