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A Contest To Win A Romantic Valentines Dinner On CONAN? YES!

Click here to watch the video!

We're having an AWESOME Valentine's Day Contest, and we want you all to enter! Why? Well, because the Grand Prize Winner will get a free trip to Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank California to have a romantic dinner on the Valentine's Day episode of CONAN. Yes, we mean LITERALLY ON THE SHOW: you and your partner will be eating on the set during the taping!! Weird? Yes. Awkward? Yes. TOTALLY HILARIOUS AND AWESOME?! YES. YES. YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES.

So, to enter, all you have to do is CLICK HERE TO WATCH CONAN'S VIDEO AND POST A VIDEO REPLY ON YOUTUBE. Your video response should feature you and your partner eating a meal, and will be judged on creativity, interpersonal chemistry, and table manners. So HURRY! You've only got until Feb. 7th to enter! Please note that by submitting a video response on YouTube, you are consenting to the annoyingly legalese-laden Official Contest Rules.

Good luck to all! Start your eating videos.... NOW!! ;)

UPDATE: In response to all your inquiries, YES, single people can enter this contest! Your video just needs to feature you eating a meal with another living, breathing human being. Anyone will do. No, you don't need to know them in the biblical sense, OK? So there - your last excuse for not entering just evaporated, so hop to it and get enterin'!

UPDATE 2: The window for contest entries has closed! Thank you to everyone who submitted over the past week, we'll be reviewing the entries and contacting a winner soon.