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Beyond Cocodome!

Crazy show tonight! The Denver crowd was ON the hook (much better than being off the hook) - thanks in part to our special surprise guests... Denver's own... THE FRAY!! Here's Isaac & Joe from soundcheck today:



They were awesome enough to rock us with TWO songs tonight: "You Found Me" and "Over my Head (Cable Car)"!! Super super catchy and super super GREAT. Thanks guys! I'm a huge fan, and totally forgot that they were coming tonight - so I was surprised and pumped when I saw their name on the dressing room this morning!! I hope you guys dug em as much as I did. ;)

Denver was a great crowd, but I have to say... The Ellie Caulkins Opera House is one of the more interesting places that we've played so far - it's pretty shallow and reeeeeeaaaaaaly tall! It reminded me of the Thunderdome in Max Max: Beyond Thunderdome! Check it out:

(As you can see, Conan's still wearing his Greek fisherman's hat these days)

Anyway, Mad Max or no Mad Max, the Opera House was mucho cool and loud as hell. Thanks, Denver!! Now we have an hour to get into some trouble before we jump back on the bus and head out to Dallas! Colorado, you were a sweet and gentle mistress, but it will be really nice to get back to sea level so I can stop feeling sick 24 hours a day and getting drunk off of one beer (okay, that might actually be awesome and cost effective). Anyway, that's all for tonight! See y'all later... FROM TEXAS! YEEEEEHAW!!