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The Legally Prohibited Tour Says Farewell, Windy City!

Thank you, Chicago! Our one-two Windy City punch is done, and we are currently hurtling down a rainy windswept highway on our way to East Lansing - and Michigan State University. We're all very excited. However, not excited as THESE FOLKS WERE TONIGHT:

It's funny; sometimes people catch Conan before he leaves, and sometimes they don't - but our Chicago fans were ALL ABOUT catching COB on his way out of the theater... Both nights!  How awesome!! Excellent work, Chicago!!  It's always nice to be appreciated by screaming fans.  ;)

For our last show tonight, we asked two of our good friends to stop by - Tim Meadows, and Chicago Bluesman Lil Ed (who was also on our Late Night show when we visited Chicago).  Here's Lil Ed and Big Andy:

Thanks for helping us out tonight, fellas!  You helped us rock Chicago the only way we know how - STRONG AND HARD.  Bam!  Pow!  Slam!  Ham!  Ham? Yes, ham.  I'm starving.  All these deep dish pizzas they put on this bus smell delicious and are making me crazy.

That's it for tonight, party people - I gotta get to bed and rest up, for tomorrow we enter SPARTAN COUNTRY.  Bley's coming come, sweetness.  Bley is coming home. (Well, back to where I went to school, at least).  Anyway, I can't wait!  Tomorrow should be a blast. Lates!