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Cinco De Coco!

Absolutely AMAZING show tonight - San Jose was loud, proud, and a ready to rock crowd!  We were backstage literally covering our ears the screaming was so intense!  Incredible.  Thanks for an KILLER show, San Jose!  There was lots of great tweeting as well - and I think people really dug the #cincodecoco hashtag!  Remember, if you'd like to follow along with our live show on any night, just head over to the Fan Wall and check out all the fun!  We all watch that thing backstage on my laptop every night, and the tweets, pics, and videos always crack us up.  Thanks for doing all that, guys!  It's really cool, and we love hearing what people have to say!

Here's a sweet pic of tonight's show - this is the part of the show where Superman vaporizes Conan with his heat vision:

Soooooooo... Yeah. Hopefully we can reconstitute the ashes before we hit Sacramento tomorrow night.

HAPPY CINCO DE COCO, Y'ALL! We're gonna try to hit the town before the buses pull out at 1am! Later!