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Conan's On The Cover of Rolling Stone!

Conan's on the cover of this month's Rolling Stone magazine, which hits newsstands Friday! He talks about post-Tonight Show life, namechecks the Masturbating Bear, and hints at a little of what you can expect from our brand new show premiering November 8th (hint: it will be totally awecellent)!!

If you want a taste, there's tasty little excerpt up over at for you to read right now... And here's an awesome behind the scenes video at the bottom of this post that the nice people over at the magazine shot! Thanks, duders!!

With just under two weeks to go, the CONAN publicity machine is in full court press mode... Look for more pressy goodness next week, too (I apologize in advance if there's total media saturation - we're just really, really excited to have a show again).

And speaking of Team Coco publicity - if you've think you've seen the last of our awesome Conan Blimp... HOO BOY YOU'RE WRONG. I cannot WAIT for that thing to hit the West Coast. BWA HA HA HA HA. I want to try to go through a drive through at In n Out Burger in it! ;)

Here's the Rolling Stone behind the scenes piece... Where Conan asks you to watch our show or eat some sorbet! CLICK HERE TO ENJOY!