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Double Down then Leavin' Town!

Our second show tonight in Vegas was even better than the first, I think - and that's taking into account  that almost all of us made the most of being in Sin City and partied pretty hard last night!   Of course, we kicked out a great show tonight with a little ace up our sleeve with a special guest who stopped by this evening... MIKE TYSON!!  The champ came out and wowed the crowd, as well as all of us backstage!  He was super nice and friendly, and had some great one liners on stage that killed.  Thanks for helping us out, champ!  It was definitely a "Hangover-esque" moment for all present.  Also an awesome moment.

Vegas was really fun; we put on a couple of great shows, did a bit of gambling and partying, and (hopefully) entertained a ton of awesome fans!  We also had a blast backstage - especially in the dressing rooms here in the Pearl Theater at the Palms!  We've been in a lot of different theaters, and the rooms vary widely as to size, and comfort.  Vegas, of course, had the best dressing rooms BY FAR.  Why?  Because the dressing rooms were in these crazy ballrooms!  So we decided to take advantage of all the space and make up a new game called.... DRESSING ROOM KICKBALL:

Awesome, right?! Ha ha ha. Listen: Being on the road makes you a little crazy. And if you're ALREADY a little crazy before the tour even starts (like me), then it makes you a LOT crazy. Just imagine what it's gonna be like in a month, y'all. Can you say.... DRESSING ROOM PAINTBALL?!?? I knew you could, baby. I knew you could. See you tomorrow. IN RENO!