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Flying is the WORST.

Okay.  I'm a jerk.  I had to fly back to LA tonight, and I couldn't get it together for the sweet sweet jam that I I promised you all yesterday. So... There's no surprise tonight.  INSTEAD, the surprise will happen tomorrow at 9am pst!  Right here! Yes!  Look at it this way: I'll already be in LA so I can't fly back here again and screw things up this time!  As an apology, here's a picture of Conan from soundcheck at Michigan State:

Sorry again. I hope we're still friends.

Oh!  By the way!  Remember the TBS Writers Special that we taped in Chicago a few days back?  Well it's airing THIS SUNDAY AT 10PM ON TBS!  SET THOSE DVRS, PARTY PEOPLE!!!

Okay. That's it.  It's really hard to drive and type on my laptop at the same time.*  See you tomorrow morning.

*This is a joke.  Don't freak out.  My sister is driving.