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Full Episodes Of CONAN Will Be on!

Many of you have been asking, so we're pleased to finally be able to announce that TEAMCOCO.COM WILL POST FULL EPISODES OF "CONAN" THE MORNING AFTER THEY AIR!  Awesome, no?

One small bummer for our international fans: full episodes on will only be available to users in the USA. But don't despair! Clips of our show WILL be available to everyone on Earth! Provided you have a computer and an internet connection, of course.  Ha ha.  We ain't gonna be transcribing our show and dropping leaflets into the jungles of South America, after all. (And what are you doing in the jungles of South America ANYWAY, dood? Didn't you see the movie "Predator"?! THEM JUNGLES IS DANGEROUS).

Aside from all this internet video talk, please don't forget that our show will also be on television internationally! Our friends up in Canada can enjoy their sweet sweet Coco on CTV -  and distribution in more countries is in the works!  So for rest of you, again, there'll be no shortage of HOT SHOW CLIP ACTION, plus tons of original comedy and behind the scenes video, right here on IF THAT'S NOT EXCITING, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS!  (Okay, a monster truck on fire fighting a time traveling dinosaur is also pretty exciting).

What do you think?  Are we happy? ;)