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Goodbye, Vancouver...

Before yesterday, I had never been to Vancouver.  As we pack up and load out after our second amazing Vancouver show, I am realizing that I will need to come back here again at some point in my life and spend some real time in this city! It's beautiful, clean, everyone is super nice, and we had an absolutely fantastic time.  Thank you, Vancouver.

Seth Rogen & Reggie Watts

Tonight's show was AWESOME.  The crowd was insanely great... And when our special guest of the night showed up, they LOST THEIR MINDS.  Who was the special guest?  Well... It was none other than... SETH ROGEN:

It was super SUPER awesome to hang out backstage with Seth all night - he was incredibly nice, and fun to talk to. Thanks for stopping by, Seth! He also had this really cool panoramic camera from the 80's that he brought along and that he took my picture with! Seth Rogen took a picture of ME!?! Whaaaaaaat? That's definitely the craziest thing that's happened so far... And that's coming from someone who flew on a friggin' SEAPLANE today! Holy moses!

Anyway, that's all she wrote for Vancouver. Now, we hit the bars until 3am... Because that's when the buses roll out for Spokane, Washington! Back to the states!! See you then!