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Hometown Hero!

It was a rip roaring hometown crowd tonight - and we did our best to please!  The Wang was throbbing with anticipation this evening, and we really wanted to penetrate the crowds eyes and ears with sights and sounds they wouldn't soon forget.  Standing backstage, I always judge the crowd by where and how much they laugh at the cold open of the show; and then again when Conan goes out.  Tonight is going to be hard to top, y'all. Hard to top.  REALLY REALLY HARD.  (Okay, I'll stop the Wang jokes for now)

Anyway, tonight was obviously very special for Conan; about 300 members of his family were in the audience, and he really got loose and played around a lot tonight, which was super cool to see.  I always love all the ad libbing, because it helps keep the show fresh and funn for us, too - and tonight, Conan was ON FIRE.  It was GREAT!!  Also great: OUR SPECIAL SURPRISE GUESTS...


(That's them & Conan from soundcheck today)

Conan joined them onstage for a rabble rousing rendition of "I'm Shipping Up To Boston", which you know from The Departed, and it BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN.  Holy mother of god in heaven above.  The crowd went absolutely dragon fruits!  It was insanely, INSANELY cool.  Also cool: Our OTHER surprise guest....


(That's Ed before the show with Writer Matt O'Brien and Head Writer Mike Sweeney)

Ed sang a sweet song on the piano about everything that had happened in the show last night!  Ha ha ha.  It had all of us backstage in stitches!  Rock on, my man!  ROCK ON.

A great great show tonight... And I can't wait to see what tomorrow's crowd is gonna bring!  YOU BETTER BRING IT, BOSTON.  YOU'VE ONLY GOT US FOR ONE MORE NIGHT!!!

See you tomorrow.  ;)