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I Left My FART In San Francisco (sorry, but it makes me laugh every time I say it)

That's it!  Our second show in San Francisco is complete, and - along with the help of our good buddy Chris Isaak - we rocked it even harder than last night!  The show FLEW by tonight for some reason... I hope it didn't move as fast for all y'all who came out and screamed for us this evening!  Ha ha.  Which audience was better?  Well.... Let's just call it a tie!  I'm treating the entire city as one huge crowd; and you guys were incredible.  Thank you for rocking with us the last two nights!

San Francisco should be proud, because they gave us a tour first: The first pair of panties thrown up on stage!! Hilarious!  As COB himself said, "Throwing panties at an Irish Catholic kid is like a grenade!  My mind is BLOWN!" So great... But baby, I expected nothing less from you.  San Fran: You didn't disappoint.  ;)

I'm sad we have to move on, but move on we must - otherwise, it wouldn't be much of a tour, would it?! Ha ha. Tomorrow we head home to LA - but it's gonna be a little weird, because the buses leave at 1am, we drive all night, then head straight to the Gibson Amphitheater to start setting up for tomorrow's show! Madness!! At least I'll get to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night. Or maybe I should just stay in the "tour zone" and demand to sleep on the bus... But where would I crap? Yeah. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed. And crap in my own toilet. AWESOMMMMME. Sorry. SEE YOU GUYS TOMORROW!!!