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I Miss These Guys... Well, Except For Lodato.

(2:46am. Crew Bus #2, playing Indian Poker.)

The tour has started to fade, like a water stain on a paper napkin.  I'm still sequestered at home in Michigan for a few more days, and I am really starting to miss these guys.  It's hard to switch back into civilian life; I keep looking for a day sheet to tell me where to be and at what time; I drive my car around theaters downtown, trying to show my laminates to get backstage; I keep taking pictures of crowds of people; it's bad, folks.  It's bad.  I'm hoping that things will get better once I actually get back to LA - for one thing, I'll be able to concentrate on the future and the awesome TBS show we're putting together... Instead of the past and what an awesome time I had out there on the road.

Speaking of the future, let's play a little game.  I know that people have already been doing this in the comments (both here and on the IWC Facebook page), but we've got a brand new show to create - and that show needs a name.  I want to hear what you guys think we should name our new TBS show!!  This isn't a contest, and there's no prize... But hey, you know that we're reading, and we DO need a name...

Ready?  GO!