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I've Never Been To Heaven, But I've Been To Oklahoma.

(Conan during soundcheck in Tulsa, OK)

Hello, friends.  Before "Team Coco Tuesdays" takes effect - where we'll be dialing this here tour blog back to once a week - I thought that we could use one more little surprise... Which will hopefully be coming tomorrow!  Hopefully.  If it happens, it'll be sweet.  SO.  ONE MORE POST TOMORROW. After that, check back here every Tuesday for updates on our show, our staff, Andy's scratch off lotto gambling problem - and of course, news about Mr. Conan O'Brien himself!  BAM!

"But Aaron" you say.  "What have YOU been doing these past few days? We never talk anymore."  Well, that's a good question: What HAVE I been doing?  I am still feeling like I need to be working every single hour of every single minute (I'm still living out of a suitcase after all, so it still feels like I'm on tour) so the past few days I've been going through the 100+ gigs of pics that I took on tour... Sifting the visual wheat from the chaff, as it were.  And I learned one thing very quickly: holy CRAP I took a lot of pictures! Good lord, dudes!!  The good news is that I managed (through sheer luck, not skill) to get a lot of really neat looking shots... The bad news is that I'm only up to Seattle. SEATTLE. WHICH WAS LIKE OUR SECOND TOUR DATE, BY THE WAY.  Oh boy.  Things will speed up once I get back to LA tomorrow night and can really buckle down and rip through these. And soon after that, the REAL fun begins. ;)

The other reason why I'm looking forward to getting back to LA is to reconnect with Crotteau and my other tour buddies... And get started on the next phase of Team Coco!  I hope y'all are ready, sugarsnap.  I hope.  Y'all. Are ready.  SEE YOU TOMORROW!