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Kansas City Video Madness!

Tonight we played a BEAUTIFUL old theater in Kansas City called "The Midland Theater" - and the crowd SHOOK THE WALLS of the place!!  I think it helped that tonight we did something that we've never done before; we released 200 standing room only tickets for just 20 bucks!!  Those people came to ROCK... And we gave them what they came for.  Oh yes.  Yes we did.

Also tonight, we had a a bit of help from a friend once again - as we welcomed our surprise guest... From SNL, our good friend Mr. JASON SUDEIKIS:

Thanks for stepping in and helping us out, dudebro! You rock the party that rocks the body! (That sounded dirty, but my intentions were sincere) Tonight before the show, I talked to none other than the Legally Prohibited man on the Trumpet, Mark "The Love Man" Pender - who's a Kansas City hometown boy! Ch-ch-check it out: IF I DIE FROM TOO MUCH BBQ TONIGHT, IT WILL BE A FITTING DEATH TO A LIFE WELL LIVED. I skydove, I met Hanson, I had the best BBQ in the world... WHAT ELSE DOES LIFE HAVE TO OFFER!? Nothing, friends. Nothing. EXCEPT PERHAPS MORE SWEET VIDS FROM LAST NIGHT (oh snap): For those of you who missed Hanson's LiveStream video with Conan last night (where he talked Tulsa, Tattoos, and Boobies), an awesome fan recorded it and put it up on the web... And here it is: Also here's some sweet videos of Hanson's second song from last night's show that Conan sat in on! DIG IT: And that's all she wrote for the sweet sweet KC! Time to shower, party, and head to Minneapolis! Later skaters!