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Last Night's Surprise Guest: Superman!

If you missed last night's show, A.) I feel sorry for you, and B.) here's a little taste of the comedy magic that went down... Thanks to one awesome fan who got it on tape!

Conan & Carrey doing a duet of Five for Fighting's "Superman":

HOW GREAT WAS THAT?!? HOLY *&(*@ing CRAP YOU GUYS. The crowd was losing their MINDS. And look at the emotion on Jim & Conan's faces:

That is COMMITMENT, sugarsnap. Silly, silly commitment. ;) Well, that was last night... And tonight we're coming right back at LA with another show!! WHAT SURPRISES DOES TONIGHT HOLD?!?? Only time will tell, party people... Only time will tell. Until then, I leave you with this picture of Conan and Jim Carrey looking hopefully into the future. Cheers!