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Listen To Conan's Spoken Word Record In Its Entirety!

Download the mp3

In case you missed it (or are a fool and don't have Sirius XM), this past weekend on the show "Comedy By Request" on the Raw Dog Comedy Channel, host Mark Says Hi! premiered the new spoken word 7-inch record that Conan cut in Nashville with Jack White when we were on tour.  So awesome!  The show (and the stream above) features both sides of the record; Side A, "And They Call Me Mad?", which is a retelling of the classic tale of Frankenstein - done off the top of Conan's head, by the way - and also Side B, which is a... unique Conan interview conducted by Jack White himself!  Not only do you get to hear the whole 7-inch record in the stream above, but you ALSO get to hear an in-studio interview with Ben Swank from Third Man Records, who talks about what the whole experience was like. So what are you waiting for, y'all?!  CLICK THE LINK ABOVE AND GET LISTENIN'!

Also, for those of you who haven't ordered the spoken word record yet, you can do so right here; and you can get the record of Conan's live performance at Third Man Records (including an incredible finale with Jack White) right here.  Both of these babies are SURE to be collector's items, so snatch one up while you still can!  Long live Team Coco!  Long live Third Man Records!  And LONG LIVE VINYL!  (I mean, I know it's already lived a long time, but "Longer live Vinyl!" just doesn't have the same ring to it.)