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Mr. O'Brien Goes To Washington!

Trey was great last night... And if you couldn't join us to rock out in Upper Darby, here's a great fan video of his performance.

Thanks again for helping us out, Mr. Anastasio!

If you were following along on Twitter last night, you might have seen some crazy drama about cookies and wondered "What's all this crazy drama about cookies?"  Well, WONDER NO MORE: An awesome Team Coco fan, Hannah Zellers, posted on Facebook awhile back that she was making Conan and Bley cookies(!), and that she was gonna bring them to the show in Upper Darby!  I was like "Wait!  There's a chance that I could eat MY FACE!?  SIGN ME UP!"  After a few missed connections (hence the Twitter craziness), we finally met up outside after the show - and the cookies she made were STUNNING.  Check em out:

OMG!!  Dude, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Everyone who saw (and ate) them were blown away!!!  I WISH I tasted that good! I taste more like... Dirty bus sheets.  Helllloooo ladies!  ;)

As I write this, we're just about to start the show at Constitution Hall here in Washington DC!  This crowd sounds amazing.  Crotteau, Cronick, Conway and I all walked around and saw the Washington Monument, the new WWII Memorial, a bunch of trees, and a bunch of tshirt stands!  We also got a very nice tour of the Daughters of the American Revolution Geneology Library, which was beautiful and super interesting!  Crotteau, Cronick and I all looked for our names... But I guess we're a bunch of mutts, ha ha!

That's it for now - I gotta get upstairs and watch Reggie.  See you guys after the show!