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Phoenix: Where the "X" stands for "Xtra Awesome"!!!

I wanted to make some sort of reference or metaphor to our tour rising from the ashes like a Phoenix - but to be honest, we've been burning bright since the beginning!  Is that weird to say?  Well it doesn't matter.  I SAID IT.  Thanks for rocking out with us, Flaming Bird Town!!

I tried to do a video today from the Dodge Theater with our Lighting Designer John Conway... But things got a little offtrack.  Why?  Well, because John sits right next to THE AUDIO DEPARTMENT.  And we all know how much they love to screw with me:

LAME JOKE, DUDEBROS. A doorbell? Really? REALLY? That was the best you could think of? I mean, the "solo cup dunce cap" was a nice touch, but you fellas are really slipping... AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE HOUR FOR ME TO STRIKE IS COMING DUE. Mwa ha ha ha ha!!! All right! Phoenix, you killed it tonight... Vegas tomorrow! And perhaps an update from the bus ride tonight! We'll see, we'll see. Peace out sauerkraut!