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Putting the "Awe" in "Austin"!

Even though the crowd tonight was a sold out 2200, it was in a space that looking like it couldn't fit more than a couple hundred hard laughin' Coco fans - and we packed this place tight than a Jalapeno Texas sausage!  It was a powder keg tonight, and we had a little help igniting it... Special guest musician (blues, folk, and Punk rocker) Charlie Sexton saw to that:

Charlie's the one on the left, btw.  ;)

The rip roaring rock number blew the hair back of everyone in the hall!  Kick ASS, Charlie!  Thanks for coming and helping us out!

Austin: We spent too little time inside of you.  Crotteau, Cronick, and I walked around today, ate some Stubb's BBQ, and took in the flavor of the city - and I have to say that we really really loved it!  It reminded me a lot of my hometown (Ann Arbor, MI), and all I could think about while I was here was how completely insane this town must get when SXSW rolls in - and how badly I need to return. Madness.  Utter madness.

So; it's back on the bus to travel to Tulsa tomorrow!  We've got a bunch of these shows right in a row... Which means very little showers, and lots and lots of bus time!  Yaaaaay!  To give you a flavor of what it's like on the bus during these stretches, LED Tech and Camera Operator Tom Braislin set up his camera for our 21 hour bus ride from Sacramento to Denver!  It's beautiful and crazy!  Check it out:

Wild, right?  Right.

That's it for today, y'all - I'm a little behind on updating, so expect some sweet stuff coming up tomorrow!  Later!