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Putting the "EEEEEEE!" in "Reno"!

As I write this, we've just kicked off our show here in Reno - and this crowd is out of control!  Wow.  I normally go out to photograph the crowd right before the show starts (I'm doing it for all the cities), and I swear to god this pack of fans were like "BLLLLEEEEEEEEYYY!!!!"  I immediately wet myself.

We take off for San Jose right after the show tonight, but I have to say... I had a really great time in Reno!  It wasn't what I expected at all, and I hope to come back here again and spend some time driving around all these beautiful mountains that I see everywhere!  It's also nice because there's a lot less Axe body spray in the air than Vegas.  Holy moses.  Everything I wore in Vegas still smells like "Double Glacier Tsunami" - or as I like to call it "Desperation".  Reno's much more cool and confident.

Anyway, in case you don't believe me when I say that we had a fantastic time here in Reno... I present VIDEO PROOF.  We hit the Go-Karts yesterday, and HIT THEM HARD.  Check it:

I SWEAR MY KART WASN'T GOING AS FAST AS DREW'S KART.  It's not that he's a better driver, or that I'm fat or that my giant beard on my giant face acted like a sail to slow me down... Okay, maybe the beard thing hurt me, too.  WHATEVER.  I'm a better air hockey player.  And worse at talking to women.  SO THERE, DREW.

Anyway.  Thanks for an awesome time, Reno!  Tonight we head to San Jose... And we're gonna stop by Google headquarters in the morning, so that'll be cool too!  I hear it's like Willy Wonka or something over there.  Well, Willy Wonka but with nerds!  Ha ha ha. Finally I can be among my people.  ;)