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R2D2... Where the "D" Stands for "Daaaaaamn".

We had ANOTHER day off today (I know, I know - this tour feels like it's rapidly devolving into a vacation), so instead of boring you with the things I did today (which were few and insignificant), I thought I'd get caught up on some tour videos! This one is when we were in Chicago not too long ago; Lighting Designer John Conway (whom you remember from skydiving, among other things) has been on a bunch of tours, and his left arm he calls his "tour arm". Why? Well, because every tour that he goes on, he gets a tattoo on that arm to remember it by!! How awesome is that?!?As the French say, "Tres Awesome".

Now, I'll jump out of a plane and kick giant yellow balls around Mike Tyson's dressing room, but I am waaaaaay too scared to permanently alter my body (unless we're talking about me somehow getting a couple of hypersensitive prehensile self aware titianium alloy robotic back tentacles like Doc Ock in Spiderman 2, but that's an issue for another blog post) but I am NOT too scared to grab a camera and document the proceedings!!   We headed down to an ultra hip Chicago tattoo shop called Code of Conduct (Conway knew some folks who worked there), and HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED:

Pretty rad, dudebro.  Lucas would be proud.  Now all you need is a C3PO on the other arm drinking a Zima!  (I feel like 3PO is definitely a Zima guy).

Time to hit the sack; the buses pick us up at 6am for our ride into Atlantic City, where we'll be doing two - yes, TWO - shows tomorrow night!!  It should be a blast!!  I'll check in with you guys then! Peace!