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San Diego? More Like San DiegWHOA!

Another fantastic show!  I have to say, for a community that has a reputation for being laid back and relaxed, San Diegians sure know how to SCREAM THEIR FRICKIN LUNGS OUT.  Holy CRAP.  In fact, the crowd was SO awesome, Conan felt like he could take some chances and switch up the show on the fly - so he pulled an audible halfway through and did a song that's never been in the show before!!  So rad! And from the sound of things backstage, I think the crowd enjoyed it too! That's one of the best things about our live show - we've written and rehearsed more comedy bits and songs than we had room for in the show, so as the tour rolls on across America we can constantly change things up and keep it fresh for those of us performing night after night - not to mention the fact that we get to surprise audiences with stuff that they might not have seen yet on the internet or Youtube!  EVERYONE WINS.

Speaking of surprises, we dropped one big one on tonight's crowd: Hometown hero JASON MRAZ:

Jason lives in San Diego, and he funked and grooved his way through a couple tunes this evening to the delight of everyone in the building! Thanks for helping us out, Mr. A-Z! His last song "What Mama Say" has now replaced Jim Carrey's rendition of "Superman (It's Not Easy)" as the song I can't get out of my head. NNNNOOOOOOOOO! Another cool thing: I love the band Slayer, and none other than Kerry King was backstage talking to Conan!! HOW COOL IS THAT. Man. That guy is both a huge huge badass and a totally cool cat. Sorry. Minor starstuck freakout right there. Ahem. So so sooooo - back on the bus, where we then have a quick 7 hour drive to Phoenix, AZ! It's gonna be hot - but luckily when I repacked, I brought shorts! WIN. Well done, San Diego. Well done. Phoenix: Get ready!