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San Francisco + Conan = Win

Our first show in San Francisco was AWESOME!!  Even though we were in this weird Masonic Temple; even though there was no backstage area except a hallway and stairs, even though the stage was round and took some getting used to... The crowd ROCKED, the theater was AWESOME, and our special guest WAS AMAZING:

CHRIS ISAAK!!! (this is Chris & Conan during today's soundcheck)

Chris was awesome enough to come out and play a song for everybody - and then he called Conan back to the stage, and they did a duet of the old Elvis tune "That's All Right, Mama"... Before busting into a little "Blue Moon"!!! So awesome. Isaak even made LaBamba do a trombone solo, before saying to the crowd "Hey, give a convicted felon a second chance, folks." HA HA HA. That got a huge laugh out of everybody backstage. Thanks for coming by and brightening up our night, Mr. Isaak! Wow. So awesome. Thank you to everyone who came out tonight and laughed and tweeted and screamed your lungs out... We heard it all backstage, and it was fantastic. Speaking of backstage, I was walking down the hall, and went to slide behind someone to get by them in the narrow hallway... And I realized that it was Neil Young!! Wow. So surreal. So I've just got one question for you guys: Are you ready for a second show tomorrow night?! ARE YOU, SAN FRANCISCO?!? People coming tomorrow: It is gonna be tough to beat tonight's crowd... But I think you can do it!! Tomorrow you guys better BRING IT. Seriously. Do not disappoint me, party people. You wouldn't like me when I'm... Disappointed. (Because I have a sad puppy dog face and you will feel guilty) That's all for tonight, kids! Time to hit the town! See you tomorrow! ;)