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Team Coco Goes International!

A lot of you awesome international fans keep asking if we're going to be on in your country... And I'm happy to report that the CONAN comedy superflu is spreading 'round the globe at a steady clip!! Here are the countries that we're currently being shown in - and there's much more to come! Enjoy!

CANADA - CTV (Mon-Thurs, 1:00 AM) and The Comedy Network (Mon-Thurs, 12:00 midnight)
AUSTRALIA - GEM (Wed-Sat, 11:30 PM)
IRELAND - 3e (Mon-Thurs, 12:00 midnight)
NORWAY - MAX (Mon-Thurs, 10:50 PM)
PHILIPPINES - JACK TV (Tues-Sat, 1:00 PM, repeats at 11:00 PM)
SINGAPORE - SINGTEL (Video On Demand service, available 24 hours after US broadcast)
ISRAEL - COMEDY CENTRAL (scheduled to launch 1st January, 2011)

Where do YOU live? Are we shown in your country?? Let us know in the comments below!!

*Dives under desk to hide from angry people from Finland* ;)