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(Conan & The Cats during sound check in the Chicago Theater)

Ah, the Chicago Theater.  Good times, good times.  Going through all the pictures I've taken of the tour (of which there are literally thousands; I took at least 500 pictures a show), I'm realizing that a lot of these panoramic pics that I took came out pretty good!  Thank goodness - shooting on film, you have no idea how the final result will turn out... And they weren't cheap to get developed, ha ha.  No matter. It was super fun taking them, so if only 1% came out, I'd be happy - and much more than that came out great! These pics are certainly going to help with a little... "Project" I'm working on for the future.  (wink wink)

Speaking of the future (The Future, Conan?) it's going to be nearly impossible for me to continue updating this site on a daily basis. I know, I know, but listen: Our new show doesn't start until November, and there's just not going to be enough substantial goo to talk about every day between now and then!  I'm sorry, sugar.  I am.  SO, here's the deal: I'll make another update tomorrow (Thursday), and then we're going to shift into "Weekly" mode here at - we'll have brand new goo for your eyes and brain right here every Tuesday!  Yes way!!  As for me, I will continue writing a daily blog - albeit a bit less Coco centric, and more personal related - over at  Don't be shy!  There are comments over there as well, and I'd love to see you all and still keep in touch every day! Warning:  There might be talk of ghosts, girls, and other things that frighten me.  Just a warning.

So... For now and the foreseeable future, I'll be writing a daily blog over on my personal site, and every Tuesday we'll rock it out over here, COCO STYLE!  Whaddya say?  Is that a good plan?  Are we all happy with that plan?  Do I need to come up with another plan?  Should I stop saying the word plan?  Yeah, probably. ;)

See you tomorrow... And then right back here for TEAM COCO TUESDAYS!  HECK YEAH!!!  PEACE!