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The Tour of Comedy Nerds Rolls Into Sin City!

It's finally happened: We've reached the city of sin, the den of debauchery, the oasis of orgy, the village of Bruce Villanche, the town of - okay, I'll stop. Point is: WE'RE IN VEGAS, BABY!! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO - *cough cough cough*. Sorry. That air on the bus is really dry.

Anyway, the room we're playing here in Vegas - The Pearl Theater in the Palms Casino - is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. A gorgeous room. Check out this pic from soundcheck a few hours ago:

Crazy awesome, right? Please note: In real life the room is in color. Oh! Here's something crazy and unrelated: So, while out on tour, each of us get $40 a day "Per diem" - it's like petty cash that we can spend on food or Diet Coke or Japanese karaoke or whatever. Cool, right? Well, here's where it gets crazy - so instead of getting 40 dollars every day (which would get annoying for the tour people to give us every 24 hours), we get 400 dollars every ten days! Even better: We get four $100 bills every ten days. We call that day "PD Day" or "St. Per Diem Day". It's a good goooooood day to be on tour. So... We rolled into Vegas this morning... And guess what day today happens to be? Exactly. CRAPS TABLE HERE I COME!!!! (see you guys later!)