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THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!! (Okay, East Lansing. But Still)

Michigan State: YOU RULE.  Thank you thank you THANK YOU for being such a fantastic crowd... Not only because we all had a killer time performing for y'all, but also because I've been talking up East Lansing since this tour was announced - and you guys DID. NOT. DISAPPOINT. Wow. You MSU ladies were especially loud tonight, which was a treat!

The last time I was in the Breslin Center, I graduated from Michigan State - so you KNOW I was ready to storm back in here and cause some trouble.  More trouble than we could wreck just on our own.  So we invited a few special guests:  Sarah Killen, (the only person Conan is following on twitter), and somebody else you might have heard of:

KID ROCK!!  Holy crap!  Kid Rock blew the crowd away with a whole song about being president and all the stuff he'd do!  It was hilarious... And AWESOME.  THANKS, KID ROCK!!!  (the picture is from his soundcheck earlier in the day).

We came, we saw, we KICKED IT'S ASS.  Michigan State: Thank you for welcoming home one of your own.  You were just the exact type of soothing rock balm we needed in this run of a million shows in a row.  YESSSSSSSSSSS.  SO SOOTHING FOR ALL OF OUR ROCK BURNS FROM ROCKING SO HARD.  (Sorry, I'm very low on sleep).

Anyway, we're rolling off campus and out of East Lansing tonight - and straight out of the United States!  That's right: TORONTO IS NEXT.  BAMSAUCE WILL BE SERVED, FREE OF CHARGE.

See you tomorrow in the great white North!!  Peace!