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We Got A Great Big Convoy, Rockin' Through The Night!

(Conan during soundcheck at Radio City Music Hall)

Wow!  A lot of really great suggestions to name our new show - and a lot of really bad ones too, ha ha.  (I'll let you figure out which are which) But thank you ALL for the suggestions.  I read them all. And perhaps I made a list.  And perhaps that list was rolled up into a scroll.  And perhaps that scroll went under my pillow and remains there while I sleep every night.  This just got really weird, didn't it?

ANYWAY, today in LA, the trucks finally arrived.  What are "The Trucks"?  Well, after our last show in Atlanta Georgia, we had a different kid of load out - instead of packing everything away like usual, everybody packed stuff on different trucks... And a bunch of those trucks headed back to storage in LA.  I'm still in Michigan, so Mr. John Crotteau met up with the trucks today, and picked up my lasso, camera & audio equipment (in case we ever wanted to shoot anything out on the road, which we didn't), and a bag of my laundry.  Yes; my laundry.  What!?  It was cheaper to throw it on the truck than ship it or take it back with me to Chicago, then here, then LA.  Thanks, John!  Man... I cannot wait to get that lasso back and rustle me up some LA hipsters!  Stupid hipsters.

I'm working on a video for tomorrow, so prepare yourselves to step back into tour life for a bit tomorrow night!  Just saying "tour life" gives me the willies.  *GULP*

See you then, mother hen!