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We Kicked Some Serious DallASS Tonight, Y'all!

Everything's bigger in Texas - including the energy! Our first Texas crowd of the tour blew us away with love... And we did our best to show Dallas a good time by inviting some friends onto the stage to help us out! Who did we manage to surprise our audience with?

Well. I'm glad you asked.

First off, we had legendary blues guitarist (and Dallas native) JIMMIE VAUGHAN come out and do a couple of jams!! Here he is from soundcheck:

I am a huge, huuuuuuge blues fan, so I was completely starstruck all day!  He's like the nicest dude EVER.  Conan was talking to him at dinner, and asked him if he had ever played the McFarlin Auditorium before tonight, and he said yeah - when he was fifteen and opened for Jimi Hendrix!!  JIMI HENDRIX, DUDES. HOLY MOSES.  So great.  Jimmie's The Man. (Both Jimmie and Jimi, actually)

As if having a musical legend wasn't enough awesomeness for one show, we hit the audience AGAIN with ANOTHER legend... This time from the world of basketball:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. That's the center for the Dallas Mavericks - NBA superstar DIRK NOWITZKI!!! (Next to him is our Prop Guru Rommel... Aka "The Hat". Aka "Oddjob 2". Aka "Awesome dudebro to hang with"). THANK YOU to both Dirk and Jimmie for making tonight's show so great! It was a fantastic, blowout show. We all had a wonderful time in Dallas - both tonight, and for the past day and a half hanging out - and we're sad to leave! But leave we must. It wouldn't be a tour if we didn't keep moving. Also, we can't let the law catch up to Conan; he's wanted in 17 states for a string of misdemeanors. (He had a rough couple of years in his teens when he tried his hand at grifting). ANYWAY. We ain't done with Texas quite yet - tonight we pack up the big top and hit the road for Austin, where we will continue breaking hearts and making farts! See you on the flipside, party people! YEEEEEEEEHAW! (Again)