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Catch Coco — Find Conan in NYC

The greatest city in the world is also home to the greatest sandwiches in the world, and Conan O'Brien is going to eat each and every one of them. Catch Conan as he snacks on sandwiches from Harlem to the Financial District. Unlock exclusive sandwich content along the way! For example: Did you know the egg salad sandwich was invented by the Aztecs in 1200 AD? That’s not true. That's just something Conan made up.

Available NOW for iOS and Android.

Catch Coco FAQ

How do I play?
There are two different game modes:
NYC Mode: If you are in New York City you will be able to access the NYC game mode. The objective is to scour the city and find 15 Conans eating sandwiches at 15 landmark locations around the city.
COUCH Mode: If you are outside of the New York City area, you can still collect all 15 Conans. Enter into COUCH mode and a new Conan will spawn every 24 hours.

What happens when I collect all 15 Conans?
If you're playing the NYC mode, you will be prompted to register for the Catch Coco NYC Contest [UPDATE 11/3: Thanks for playing, NYC!] If you're playing in COUCH mode, you will be prompted to register for the Catch Coco COUCH Sweepstakes. You can also enter the sweeps here. [UPDATE 12/1: Thanks for playing, everyone!]

NYC Mode Support

I'm in New York City. How do I collect Conans?
Once you've selected NYC Mode, click on the map icon in the upper left corner to get a bird's eye view of New York City. This map gives you a general sense of the landmark locations where the 15 collectible Conans are located. Once you get close to a location, press the "X" button in the upper left corner to jump into third person mode. Rotate your phone around to find a Conan in a blue circle. Once you find him, get close enough to the Conan so that the circle turns green — but be sure to always watch your surroundings! Once the circle turns green, tap on the Conan until you trigger the Catch Mode. Once in Catch Mode move your camera around until you spot the Conan within your phone's camera view. It's time to Catch Coco! Flick one of Conan O’Brien’s trademark desk ornaments at him. After a successful hit, the Conan will admit defeat and the collectible Conan and sandwich will be added to your collection. Brag about your catch by posting it on social media or message it your friends! You are now ready to continue on your journey and collect all 15 Conans.

Do I need internet connectivity and GPS on my device to play in NYC Mode?
Yes, Catch Coco requires a combination of GPS satellite signals and internet access to locate both you and the Conans in New York City.

Why do I need to enable GPS?
The GPS signal is used to triangulate your location and the locations of the collectible Conans. Without the signal the app has no idea where you are!

Is the GPS tracking my location?
The GPS information is used by Catch Coco to plot your location on a map using data from Google Maps. For more information on Team Coco's privacy policiy, click here.

Why am I getting a red bar warning on my device saying that the GPS signal is weak?
Catch Coco utilizes your device's GPS antennae to receive positioning data from GPS satellites. Unfortunately these satellite signals can be susceptible to interference from a large number of factors including: skyscrapers, cloudy weather, and miscellaneous radio wave interference from other wireless devices. If you are getting this warning it is because your device's antennae is reporting little-to-no GPS signal. This can be a common issue with GPS enabled devices of any kind in a large metropolis with skyscrapers.

If the issue is still occurring, try turning your phone off and back on, or setting your phone into airplane mode for a few seconds and then setting it back into cellular mode. These methods could help force the device to find a fresh signal.

If you are still having GPS issues after trying the above methods, reach out to us at Please let us know your location information, device model, operating system, and any other information that you think might assist in describing the issue.

My GPS is working, but my avatar is showing up in a different location or facing a different direction than I actually am.
The GPS in the phone can get confused trying to determine your exact location, especially around tall buildings. Try walking around the location a bit to help the phone's GPS better orient itself or try rotating the phone itself.

COUCH Mode Support

I caught a Conan - now what do I do?
Congrats! You're on your way to catching all 15. A new Conan will be released every 24 hours until you collect all 15. You can find a countdown timer within the collection screen.

General Support

After completing the sweepstakes, the on-screen system keyboard is blocking some of the entry fields and I cannot proceed.
Try tapping in the part of the page where this is empty white space. That should dismiss the keyboard. If that doesn't work, try scrolling down by using your finger to drag the screen up or down. On an Apple device, try hitting the home button to return to the system's home screen and then re-open the app. On an Android device, first try hitting the Android's system "back" button to see if that successfully dismisses the keyboard. If that doesn't work, try tapping the app switcher button.

I just see the Conan on the CONAN set. How do I enable the augmented reality view?
Tap the camera icon in the top right corner to toggle augmented reality mode on and off. If your phone informs you that you need to enable camera permissions for Catch Coco, click the "Go To Settings" option and allow camera access.

How do I turn off music / SFX / all audio?
Tap the gear icon in the lower left corner and tap the blue speaker to select your desired audio setting.

Any last pieces of advice?
Leave us a review in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store!

Official Rules And Regulations – Catch Coco NYC Contest

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