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"The Set Up" With Jon Dore & Rory Scovel

Rory Scovel and Jon Dore reminisce about the time they were double-booked on #CONAN.

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    "The Set Up" With Gary Gulman

    Comedian Gary Gulman sits down with CONAN comedy producer/booker J.P. Buck to talk about crafting his now-iconic state abbreviations set. Plus, Gary shares his advice for young comics.

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    "The Set Up" With Jay Larson

    Jay Larson sits down with Team Coco's comedy producer/booker J.P. Buck to talk about what went into crafting the most viewed CONAN stand-up set ever.

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    "The Set Up" With Vir Das

    Vir Das talks about doing an Apu joke in front of Hank Azaria, shares what it was like to meet Conan for the first time, and explains how this set redeemed him after starring in a disastrous Bollywood movie.