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The Conan Museum Of Art Is Open For Bidness!

Coco MoCA: The Conan Museum Of Art

If there's one notable trait Conan fans seem to share (aside from being ANIMALISTICALLY SEXY), it's how insanely mega-creative you are. Around Team Coco HQ, rarely a day passes that we aren't blown away by some new Conanized artistic masterpiece that pops up on the web or in our mailbox. And while your art is already plastered all over our offices, it's so awesome, we decided it was time to give it the love it deserves. That's why today, we're psyched to announce the launch of Coco MoCA: The Museum Of Conan Art. Please step inside, have a look-see around, and if you're so inclined, submit your art.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has already submitted art. You guys are THE BEST! ALSO PLEASE NOTE - In pulling together the initial selections for Coco MoCA, we did our best to include as much of the art that has been sent to us to date, but we know we missed some amazing creations! So please don't hesitate to re-submit material you've sent us in the past!