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Another Fan Catches Conan's Mistake 03/09/11

<em>Oooh girl, you’ve just stepped into the rage cage! Look out!.</em> <p>Conan put the call out, and you answered: Find a problem, an error, a “goof” on the show, and let us know about it! The lovely Nicole thinks that she's found a mistake... Find out if she can make chump meat out of the master!</p> <p>If you think that you’ve found an error on our show, <a href="">send us your videos</a> telling us what you THINK Conan has done wrong, and Conan will honor you with a full justification of just how NOT wrong he was! (Possibly the most greatest honor of all time, totally worth it.)</p> <p><strong>Please Note</strong>: By submitting a video response, you are consenting to the <a href="">Team Coco YouTube Materials Release</a>.</p>