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The "Breaking Bad" Cast Series Finale Emotional GIF Journey

The Emmy-award winning drama is coming to an end – here are the stages of grief you can expect. <br><br> <b>First, you're excited to find out the fate of Walter White and the rest of "<a href=""target="_Top">Breaking Bad</a>" characters.</b> {% image(rj_mitte-52432e744f1c2.gif, articles) %} Yes! Finally! 98% pure "Breaking Bad!" <br><br> <b>Then it slowly begins to dawn on you: this is the last time you'll ever see a new episode.</b> {% image(skinny_pete-52432e47ea6bf.gif, articles) %} What will you talk about with your coworkers Monday morning? <br><br> <b>Then, you’ll be angry.</b> {% image(dean_norris-52432e300ad96.gif, articles) %} "Breaking Bad!" How could you leave me? We had such good times together! <br><br> <b>Depression will descend once you quickly realize that other shows aren't "Breaking Bad."</b> {% image(bob_odenkirk-52432e5c829e4.gif, articles) %} Oh, God, it’s just "Low Winter Sun!" There’s nothing. <br><br> <b>Finally, you'll collapse and drown in a pool of sorrow and White Zinfadel.</b> {% image(betsy_brandt-524328f9d22bb.gif, articles) %} "Breaking Bad" is over. There's nothing else out there for me…until I rewatch the series from the beginning. <br><br>