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Check Out The Unbelievable Holiday Decorations From Last Night's Show

Conan's Holiday Decorations

You HAD to have seen the show last night. You HAD TO. It was unmissable!! We even told you ahead of time how AWESOMELICIOUS it was going to be!

As you must have heard, Conan decorated his set last night, and the results are LEGENDARY! Check out the unveiling here!

Conan wanted a totally different kind of set, and that's exactly what he got… the actual set DEFIES ALL EXPECTATIONS! There are no words...

MIND-BLOWING! EARTH-SHATTERING! WORLD-ALTERING! TERRIFYING?NO! AWE-INSPIRING! EPIC SET! Okay, I guess I did think of some words. Ha ha! You know if you can use the same words to describe Godzilla and to describe your holiday set, you know you've done your job SMASHINGLY.

I think my favorite part was probably Executive Producer Jeff Ross' "Podium of Judaism"… but it's SO HARD TO CHOOSE! Too... Much.. Awesomesauce... What do guys think? It turned out pretty freaking great right!?!? What was your favorite part?