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Coco MoCA Spotlight: "The Conan" By Megan Solis

{% image(the-conan-504e503127925.jpg, articles) %} Behold: the latest featured selection from <a href="">Coco MoCA</a>, the virtual museum of Conan fan art. Today, consider this exquisite masterpiece titled "The Conan," a wild and vibrant portrait of Conan in acrylic and ink by <a href="" target="_Top">Megan Solis</a>. Don't you love the colorful energy in this rendering? The bold brush strokes and joyfully manic melancholy of the subject's gaze? Note how his eyes follow you around, even in your NIGHTMARES. <br><br>For more fan art, visit <a href="">Coco MoCA</a>, where you can also <a href="">submit your own genius creation</a>.