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Conan & Jordan Schlansky Talk About Love

Conan tries to talk to the emotionally stoic associate producer, Jordan Schlansky, about love. It doesn't work.

Like Dr. Phil said, Conan's an amorous guy! But there's one "Conan" employee who is definitely not, and that is associate producer Jordan Schlansky. Conan has been working with Jordan for a while now, and has chatted with him on-air in the past. This time, they tackle the very emotional, no-way its possible he knows a thing about it, love. Jordan has some very clinical, emotionless, robotic responses; it looks like SOMEBODY studied philosophy a little too hard in college. But I think Conan goes a little rough on Jordan, he doesn't need to be a suave Lothario--his biggest problem is that he just needs to relax. But that thing with the bear was really funny, so okay, make fun of him all you want!

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