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Paul Hur Wears The Terrifying Conan Mask
Tylhor Dodd And Iman Roasario Are The Green Lantern And Nick Fury
Jeff Pardue And Tessie Gruff Get Creative In Their Four Eyed Gorilla And Lindsay Lohan Costumes
Matt Valdez And Gina Glenn Make An Interesting Pair
Rudy Guardado, Jerry Canton, And Marc Arellano Are A Couple Of Zombies With Grievous Wounds
Amy Pond (Jessica Arias) And The Doctor (Julian Nasserian) Parked The TARDIS In The Garage
It's Lucy And Charlie Brown! AKA Karla T-Vasquz And John Tallacksen
Leah Cornelius And Jose Meza As Carmen Sandiego And A (Self-Described) "Monster Professional"
Natalie Gudino, Angelique Barchart, Melinda Gudino, And Chris Domarin - As A Witch, Some Kittens, And A Guy With No Costume
Bill Bowles And Linell Deramos Don A Big Bow Tie And Horns